Why do they say AR/VR is the future when we already have it? Learning and Studying forever

What we have?

In virtual reality, as a user, you have to buy a fairly expensive (for most) HMD to use it immersively, and the feedback you receive is exclusively auditory and visual. As a developer, tools are emerging to create more engaging experiences, but UI/UX that is truly immersive is still a long way off, and the technology to enable broad solutions to problems like IPD is still not too far off from what I’ve seen. viewed

In AR, a single SDK that covers the range of AR recognition (horizontal/vertical planes, image/marker, geographic position, beacon, SLAM, etc.) is not available.

In both realms, the creation of single-instance objects that are shared across multiple devices is also in its infancy. So the idea of ​​a virtual mmorpg, for example, is still a long way off (Orbus exists, but I’m not sure how robust it is yet).

And what is in the future versus what we have now is also remarkable. The addition of holograms, artificial intelligence, and improvements in cloud and broadband technologies will be magnitude-level evolutions in the AR and VR experience.