What is the metaverse and how does it work?

The Metaverse is changing the way we work and relate.

The metaverse goes beyond immersive multiplayer gaming and beyond putting on a VR headset. The proposal of the metaverse is to create a parallel universe to the real and physical world that we all know, but with diverse and great advantages. In this article we will explore what the metaverse is and we will detail a little all the benefits and utilities that are being designed around this new virtual reality.

The metaverse is a virtual world that seeks to extend the physical world into the digital world. In the metaverse you will be able to interact just as you do in the real world, since it reproduces various scenarios and aspects of physical reality, but with opportunities that are not possible in the real world.

Until now, Facebook is the company that has shown the most interest in this project, assuring that they will become a social networking company, to become a metaverse company. Even Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, announced that they will no longer be called Facebook, but Meta, a company dedicated to developing this metaverse and designing the space in which people will live on the Internet.

It is not only designed to play or look for entertainment, but also to carry out social and work dynamics, such as meetings, conferences, concerts, interviews, etc. In this space it will be possible to interact with people, objects, places, or other environments just as if you were in the physical world. You can even buy and sell services and digital objects within the metaverse, which you could get with cryptocurrencies.

Within this virtual universe, people will be able to choose a personalized avatar, interact with other people, meet in specific places or even in places that do not exist and are not possible in real life. It is, in short, a social meeting place.

This virtual reality is intended to be decentralized. In other words, it will not be governed by any company or entity.

In addition to being designed for entertainment and for the work and social world, the metaverse will also be important for industrial development and advancement, allowing tests to be carried out on machines, devices, tools and systems, in order to verify their correct operation. then take it to the real world. This is achieved by creating digital copies of the machines or systems to be tested.

To access the metaverse, it is necessary to have virtual reality glasses, which isolate you from the perception of your surroundings in order to immerse yourself in the images projected by this device. These images are projected from different angles, which is what will give you the feeling of being inside a 3D world.

However, the metaverse still needs many years of development to become a reality. The devices necessary to enter the metaverse need to be optimized and developed, in addition to implementing new technology that allows people to live this experience in the most realistic way possible.

The future is not yet completely clear. But what is certain is that the technology that is being developed today will generate important opportunities that will change the course of our history.