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With a physical and digital format of its store, Uske falls into a world full of communications and images, a place where brands become known and remain in the minds and hearts of consumers. We arrive to The Branding Island, here, with a set of actions related to brand positioning, purpose and values; We will create conscious and unconscious connections with the public, to influence their purchase decisions. Dive in!

Branding is the process and construction of a brand, the retail branding, is a strategy based on a brand concept but transferred to the retail sector. Applies the branding of any brand at the point of sale in both physical and digital formats and in the relationships and inertia that are generated between both spaces that coexist at the same time.

When the mark is applied to the commercial space, it is not about selling specific brands, but about marketing the store in general. For example, a department store offers a variety of well-known brands and services that customers might buy elsewhere, yet the department store maintains its own identity and fully focuses strategy. Get to know yourself, know where your company comes from, be clear about your value and where you want to go.

Essential elements for your branding: authenticity, coherence, consistency and constancy, trust and value content.

Provides a unique experience for your offer, through a esthetic of social networks and sales channels, experimenting with a high level of technologywith a strong personalization, consumer engagement will remain consistent as long as the service meets your needs.

We have fallen into an innovative, creative and challenging world. Uske faces one by one with the set of challenges, its brand must be equipped and be able to adapt the services to the space. What challenges are ahead?

Expectations Online vs. Offline: When shopping online, different expectations are expected than those experienced in-store. For example, when shopping for clothes online, you look for as many details as possible about the products, since you cannot physically see, touch, or try on the product.

coherence and consistency at all points of contact with the consumer. Multichannel and bidirectional communication requires a more flexible and dynamic brand management in which immediacy rules.

Narrative in graphics and visual branding, in which the brand is no longer an icon without a face, or without a voice, but rather takes on a human appearance, with a physical appearance, a gender, a way of expressing oneself and moving, a tone of voice and in any language, facilitating connection in a global world.

Let’s explore the Branding Island, a place where brands acquire the ability to speak, and through artificial intelligence achieve an automated conversational level. A new framework where branding goes from a concept based on iconographic identity, towards human identitypromoted by digital environments.

Transform your point of sale into a communication channel, join the Uske journey to collect stars so that your store and your store shine. Move through worlds inspired by a dreamy spirit while learning fascinating information about Commercial Design, combining identity and business.

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