Virtual Reality Games for Switch

Tetris Effect is a puzzle video game designed by the creator of Rez, Tetsuya Mizuguchi. The video game, for PC and VR, seeks to offer a new twist to the well-known Tetris, playing with visual aspects and gameplay. The name, Tetris Effect, is a reference to the famous tetris effect. The Tetris effect is the ability of any activity, to which a person has devoted sufficient time, to control the individual’s thoughts, mental images, and dreams. In this way, it was common to see how different players, after long game sessions, saw how the pieces moved around them unconsciously, even taking over their dreams and imaginations constantly. It includes more than 30 stages set in an environment that reacts and evolves according to the way you play.

Gender: Musical Puzzle / Virtual Reality
Release date: 8/10/2021