Use of VR headsets causes a 31% increase in home insurance claims

Virtual reality is magical, as it allows you to transport yourself to other worlds without any problem. The problem? You disconnect from reality without really leaving it, which can cause some…problems. In fact, many people are having accidents, which is increasing the number of insurance claims.

According to information from the insurer (via The Guardian), in 2021 there was a 31% increase in home insurance claims, due to the increase in popularity of virtual reality headsets. This is because when people have their helmets on, they don’t see their surroundings very well, and can crash into furniture, televisions, or decorations. Accidental damage claims averaged $900 USD, revealing just how dangerous this activity can be if you don’t get your mind set before going online.

“These devices can be a great source of fun, but we encourage people to be aware of their surroundings and take a look at their home insurance to make sure it suits their needs,” said Kelly Whittington, director of claims owned by Aviva in the UK.

Oculus, the world’s most popular VR company and owned by Meta, is actually working on a solution for this kind of problem. A few months ago, it enabled a new feature called Guardian on its devices, which allows users to outline a game area by pointing with the controller. If at any point the user begins to leave that area, the same device clearly warns what is happening and activates the external cameras to show real life and avoid accidents.

Aviva pointed out that while this curious trend is happening with virtual reality headsets, it actually happens every time a new gaming device comes out. In the past, it has already happened with portable consoles, games to get fit or even fidget spinners.

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