The PS5 will have a virtual reality headset

Updated Wednesday, 5 January 2022 – 11:03

Sony announces by surprise at CES a virtual helmet for the PS5. I do not know its final image but it will be an evolution of the PlayStation VR of the PS4

PlayStation VR

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The console Playstation 5 will have, like its predecessor, a virtual reality headset to play fully immersive games.

Sony has confirmed the existence of this peripheral during its press conference at the CES Las Vegas and has even shown the progress of one of the first titles that can be played.

The helmet is known as Playstation VR2 and the Japanese company has revealed some technical details of it, although without showing his final image.

The helmet is expected to hit stores before the end of the year. will have 4K resolution, with 2,000 x 2,040 pixels of resolution in each eye. Also a viewing angle of 110 degrees to give a greater sense of spaciousness to games.

To create highly realistic scenes further employ a technique known as “foveate rendering”, which puts more detail in areas of the field of view where visual acuity is greatest. In order to do this, the helmet being able to follow where the gaze is directed.

Along with the helmet, Sony will put up for sale two futuristic looking controllers and whose appearance was already known from previous leaks. But hardware alone isn’t going to sell this peripheral, and Sony has already prepared a quite ambitious launch game catalog.

During the CES press conference the company showed, for example, the teaser of Horizon: Call of the Mountainsa new adventure based on the popular video game Horizon: Zero Dawn. the company has already sold more than 5 million units of PlayStation VR but he expects demand for this new peripheral to be even higher.

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