The 5 best places to buy music on the Internet

Music streaming seems to have eaten the shopping market in one bite; however, although it offers many advantages (such as never having to worry about space), the truth is that buying songs like before also has good things. You can decide exactly where you will place each track and, in fact, you better support your favorite artist. Therefore, here we have a list of the 5 best pages to buy music online.


Of course, iTunes could not be missing from this list. Without a doubt, the Apple platform is the largest digital store in the world, so you can find millions of tracks that surely won’t be anywhere else. Perhaps the only problem is that managing everything from the iTunes program can be a bit cumbersome.

Google PlayMusic

Google Play Music is perhaps the most complete service of all. After buying a song you can download it to any of your devices and, if you want, stream it as well. Also, free full albums and great deals are very common. Of course, it is compatible with Chromecast and other Google gadgets.

Amazon Music

If you’re an Amazon Prime user, then its Music service will do a lot for you. You will have at your disposal a huge store with regular discounts, the possibility of streaming your music and even the .mp3 version of all the songs on the discs that allow it and you will be able to play it from Amazon Cloud Player.


Although not as well known, Bandcamp is a great digital store. In it you will find all the hits of the moment, but also a lot of independent music. Also, when you make a purchase you can download the song in the format you choose and as many times as you want, without restrictions.


7Digital is another interesting option to buy music online. You can buy songs in many formats (even the elusive FLAC). In addition, the prices are more than acceptable and it has many promotions.