Sony’s next-gen VR isn’t coming this year

Don’t expect surprises or last-minute miracles: PlayStation VR 2, the second generation of PlayStation Virtual Reality systems, won’t be on time for either Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve. And, most likely, you won’t find his box under the Christmas tree on Twelfth Night either.

The official PlayStation UK Twitter account has confirmed that PSVR’s successor to PS5 is coming. early 2023 with a tweet in which we are shown a simple image of the device with their new controls. No more. In fact, the month or day of launch remain unknown, and its price as well.

We could cling to the idea that this is a delay that would only affect the UK, but the other reality is that we are about to enter September and the three most important questions remain unanswered: when reach, how many it will cost what will we play at the premiere.

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It’s time to set dates and talk about games

PlayStation VR 2 was officially announced in February 2021 and since then the information offered by Sony has arrived with a dropper. First a logo, then confirmed that it would offer 4K HDR with an OLED screen, later showing the design of the controls…

The last batch of news we had on July 26 and the truth is that new and very interesting functions were presented in which we are shown how we can interact with the environments without taking off our glasses. A powerful incentive, of course.

However, the other reality is that the technology is very promising, but it is time to talk about the most essential: video games. PlayStation VR 2. Those that will arrive at launch and those that will gradually complete their catalog. Because even a high price is easier to defend if you know that there are powerful games behind it and that they will not be lacking in the future.

We know that games like Resident Evil 4 Remake will offer Sony VR experiences. We are also very aware Horizon Call of the Mountain the new game in the Aloy saga created specifically for PlayStation VR 2. However, as promising as they are, it’s time to hit the table.

The other reality is that Sony has been deferring the topic of conversation around PlayStation VR 2 and, at least at present, its highest priority goes through the releases of The Last of Us Remake and God of War Ragnarok, as well as the arrival of its star sagas to PC. Definitely, many open fronts.