Oculus Rift will be more expensive than Gear VR

Although it seems obvious that the Oculus Rift will be more expensive than the $200 Gear VR costs, Nate Mitchell, Vice President of Oculus VR, has confirmed this fact, while stating that we will need a very powerful PC to enjoy it properly.

As we read in this interview, Nate Mitchell describes the Rift as a high-end device, and will cost more than the $200 Gear VR costs, though he laughed when asked if it could get closer to $1,000. “It’s going to be a bit more expensive, especially considering that to get a more fidelity and immersive VR experience, you’re going to need a gaming PC to plug it into.” The exact specs for running an Oculus Rift will be revealed in the coming weeks.

Nate has also stated that VR headsets will get cheaper and cheaper, as his goal is to have hundreds and even billions of VR consumers in the long run, and for this it is essential to reach a cost price that is affordable, it is the only way for virtual reality to become a mass consumption medium. We understand that we could establish a comparison with smartphones, which already form an essential part of our lives and we have models that cover a whole range of prices, from less than €100 to more than €1000, all with different features and benefits but with common basic functionalities.