MTV sai do ar nas parabólicas, veja o communiqué

Now it’s official, MTV says there are more than 22 million people with satellite dishes.

Many of us would think that it was popular on April 1st, but it was not, or the music channel was replaced by a session of video clips and localized schedules, such as “Brz” and “Quiz TV”.

According to the column Outro Canal, da Folha, from the 15th of March, the channel will be changing or signaling the broadcasters in the entire country of Brazil. One of the main reasons is the high cost of transmitting the signal to the satellite dishes, because of the price paid for the non-satellite space. The channel also did not win commercial return with this transmission, in operation since 2008.

Statement from MTV:

“On March 26, Anatel is regulated or must carry (Anatel resolution 581), as the open channels will be carried by all TV operators by subscription. Also, with its guaranteed national distribution, MTV decided to drop the satellite dish and create a new channel.”

Ou seja, or music channel will remain with the Pay TV operators and in some cities through affiliates, the parabolic fica esse novo canal.