Mixed Reality, what is Mixed Reality or MR?

Mixed reality? Do you want to know what is Mixed Reality or VR? What can you do with it and how to apply it in your work? If you’re getting into the world of virtual reality and want to take it a step further, stay put, because I’m going to continue our wonderful “realities saga”:

Okay. Let’s go to the mess. In this post I am going to tell you everything you need to know about Mixed Reality so that you become curious and want to know even more.

What is Mixed Reality or MR: Definition

Mixed Reality or also known by its acronym MR is based on a combination of Virtual Reality -an environment completely developed technologically-, with Augmented Reality -adding information modeled by computer to reality through a viewer-. That is why it is also known as hybrid reality, and erroneously also Extended Reality.

The objective of MR is none other than that of create virtual objects and modify them through interaction with the real environment. This allows you, for example, to start from an empty warehouse and furnish it, plan distributions or spaces and play with the finishes.

Glasses for Mixed Reality

But what do I need to fully immerse myself in Mixed Reality? As for Virtual Reality, it is necessary to have glasses or a helmet that will take you into a simulation, but this time in the real world. Thus, through sensors and an intelligent viewer, you will be able to interact in real space with any element generated from computer technology or IT.

Although Mixed Reality is still taking its first steps, there are already several companies that are betting on it and have put their own products on sale. MR glasses models. Some of the most notorious examples are those developed by HP, Asus, Lenovo or Acer. Although, the vast majority for now have opted for Windows: in fact, Microsoft itself has launched its own product (Mixed Reality glasses).

Mixed Reality and its applications

Both Mixed Reality and VR or AR have been developed to be applied both in the personal and leisure sphere, as well as for different professional disciplines. Although these realities have the capacity to open a new door in education or in health sciences -for example-, I am going to focus on how it affects architecture or engineering.

When it comes to developing new projects, everything is little to anticipate any obstacle that we are going to encounter during their execution. It is because of that Mixed Reality offers you the possibility of recreating a complete model, and working with the different scenarios that you will find before you start: visualize common areas, adapt spaces, furnish rooms or set up layouts on the ground.

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality or Mixed Reality?

If you have landed on this article on Mixed Reality but you are not clear about the differences between VR, AR, and MR, I suggest you take a look at this post (What is VR, AR, MR) in which I tell you about What do each of these realities consist of?

Although, as you already know, Mixed Reality or also known as Hybrid Reality seeks to merge the advantages presented by each of the other two realities to achieve a complete inclusive experience in which to adapt technology to real space (you may still be interested in reading about BIM technology .-)

Virtual Reality Course

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