its launch is not planned for 2021

Through a post on the Playstation blog, Hideaki Nishino, vice president of Sony Interactive Entertainment, has confirmed that the company is working on a new virtual reality system. In Nishino’s words, the “leap in terms of performance and interactivity” will be “dramatic.” It will represent, according to the executive, a notable change with respect to the previous VR system, already very sophisticated.

Nishino says that “we have taken what we have learned with the launch of virtual reality on PS4 to develop a next-generation VR system that improves everything from resolution and field of view to object tracking and the rendering on the screen”. He has also talked about how one of the most praised elements of PS5, the DualSense controller, has inspired the concept and technology of the controls of this new system.

VR simpler than what we already have

And another detail that will undoubtedly please players who believe that the first helmet was excessively cumbersome: “it will connect to PS5 with a single cable to simplify installation”. At the moment, it is guaranteed that the device will not arrive in 2021, since the developers are working with provisional hardware.

Virtual reality has been a Sony workhorse for the past four years, time in which he has developed a relatively cheap and accessible viewer with very interesting technology, but which lacks games comparatively as notorious as the rest of the console’s catalog. Still, it is clear that Sony wants to continue innovating in this field, although PS5 encountered its first obstacle with the impossibility of directly connecting the viewer to the new Sony console, for which an adapter is needed.