IKEA´s Virtual Reality App Invites People to Make Pancakes

IKEA is always exploring how home furnishing knowledge can be transferred by using virtual reality. In 2016, IKEA launched its first virtual reality app called ‘IKEA VR Experience’. In 2017, IKEA Sweden made its second virtual reality app (IKEA VR Pancake Kitchen) available worldwide. Users were able to explore a virtual kitchen and interact by making batter and frying pancakes. IKEA VR Pancake Kitchen was used with the virtual reality headsets HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

“We have almost exclusively received positive reactions from our customers and sales co-workers during the test period. By launching the new experience, we invite the virtual reality community to provide feedback, and hope to receive new ideas on how to further develop it,” said Andreas Stillborg, project leader in the IKEA Planning Experience Programme.

The process 

In the IKEA VR Pancake Kitchen, the user was able to explore a virtual kitchen by making pancakes. There was an investigation in every store so that the experience could be updated with several features, for example, testing the user’s multitasking abilities by frying pancakes in four pans simultaneously.

“Buying a new kitchen is often a big investment and we want our customers to feel confident about their purchase. We believe in virtual reality as one of several tools that will support people in realizing their home-furnishing dreams”, said Anders Grafström.