How VR and AR can kill smartphones

You may have seen a lot of discussions about VR and AR killing smartphones, but they have never explained how VR and AR do it.

Smartphones are the biggest enemy of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).

He put it all at our fingertips. We watch the news, we chat with friends, we take photos, we send emails, we use GPS, we buy things, we play games. We do almost everything with our smartphones to make you feel comfortable and comfortable.

And, some of us, probably most of us, look down on VR and AR.

We could hear them say…

Why do we need to use VR or AR headsets if we can do everything with a smartphone?

How can VR and AR be more convenient than smartphones?

Why are they so important? Because I haven’t found a strong need to use it yet.

We think that VR and AR will be the next big thing, but what I see today is that we create fun in VR and AR (This is really good) However, we forgot to list people’s love and hate for smartphones. Knowing what people like and don’t like about smartphones can kill them.

1.Watch YouTube on a virtual big screen

More than half of YouTube views come from mobile devices(Tube Video, see “Great Wall”)

Now let us list the reasons why we like to watch YouTube on smartphones:

1) It is so simple that we can do anything anytime, anywhere. We can watch videos in graceful poses.

2. We do not need to turn on or turn off the computer. (It’s not too much trouble to turn your computer on and off, but, you know, the age of smartphones has made us so lazy.)

3. The small screen gives us more privacy. We can watch any video you want to watch, nobody knows.

Why we hate it:

ScreenReallySmall, but we have no choice. When watching video, especially in high resolution, nothing beats a monitor or TV. I did a little poll to ask the same question, and most people still like TVs and monitors.

2. Do we find it tiring to watch videos with a smartphone in a specific location? That’s why TV keeps winning because we don’t need to hold anything, just sit.

This is how VR and AR solve this problem.

YouTube in virtual reality: Virtual reality is virtual, which means that we can have a virtual home theater: sitting in a comfortable virtual room, a virtual big screen. We don’t need to hold the screen with our hands as it is a head-mounted screen. Even though it will be a big screen, we still have our own privacy because we have seen that our VR headset only belongs to us. Google and HTC are working together to create separate VR glasses, so it’s as easy as using a smartphone.

YouTube in AR/MR: Imagine HoloLens or Magic Leap can do an AR version of YouTube, you can mount a big virtual screen on the wall, just wear AR/MR goggles and find a comfortable sitting position. No need to buy a new TV, you don’t have to be on the small screen.

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