How to find out Wi-Fi password using CMD

We’ve all been—at least once—on a computer without knowing the Wi-Fi password. If the modem is in an inaccessible place or you are embarrassed to ask for the password, you will be pleased to know that there is a very simple way to know it from the same computer, from the hand of the reliable CMD.

The command prompt (Command Prompt in English) is the command interpreter in Windows that allows you to perform many functions completely skipping the restrictions or steps of the graphical interface. One of them is to get the Internet key. Follow this simple guide to learn how to do it.

1. From start, search for ‘cmd.exe’ and run it as administrator. It is very important that you run it as admin, otherwise the password will not appear.

2. Type ‘netsh wlan show profile’ at the command line. This will show you all the networks the computer has connected to.

3. Type ‘netsh wlan show profile NETWORK NAME key=clear’. Of course, NETWORK NAME should be exchanged for the name of the network on which you want to find out the password.

4. A lot of data will appear to help you better understand the configurations of that particular network. Although of course, the most interesting thing happens until the end, where the line ‘Content of the key’ shows the password of the desired network.

Clever! It’s that simple, you can find out the passwords of any network your computer has connected to, in less than a minute.