How to create a fake email account

It has happened to all of us that we need to enter a site, but to do so we need to register and it is very likely that we do not want to give our email address because later we will receive a large amount of spam or promotions that are not of our interest. In this type of situation, a false or disposable email address would not hurt to prevent our accounts from being saturated with unwanted emails.

Obtaining a temporary email address is not complicated; in fact, there are a large number of websites that generate them. Below we will show you 3 of the best options available so you can choose the one you like the most.

10 Minute Mail

This option is one of the easiest to use. All you have to do is log in to 10 Minute Mail and your new email address will be ready when the page loads. As its name says, the account will be available only for 10 minutes. Just below the address you will see the legend “Your email address will expire in x minutes” for you to take into account. The good news is that if you want to use it longer, you can click on the link that says “Give me 10 more minutes!”.

With 10 Minute Mail you have the option to see the messages you have received, that way you can confirm the registration of some sites that require it, in addition to being able to answer or forward the emails you receive. In case you prefer the page to be in Spanish, you can change the language at the bottom.


The YopMail site is a bit more robust. Although the generated address is also disposable, there will not be a time limit to use it. In fact, thanks to cookies it will be possible to go back and maintain several false email accounts, check the mailbox and reply or forward messages.

A strong point of YopMail is that it has the option to install plugins and widgets for the main browsers, that way it will be easier and more comfortable to manage the accounts you have created. In the upper right corner of the page you can also change the language to Spanish.


With this option email addresses last 1 hour. The advantage is that you can choose from some available domains or add an account of your own domain in the Tools section.

Another advantage of GuerrillaMail is that it is possible to send messages, unlike YopMail and 10 Minute Mail, where you can only reply or forward mails that you have received. They are currently testing a Beta to attach files, something that will surely be convenient. As in the other sites, it is possible to change the language; the option is at the bottom of the home page.