How to activate the Spanish spell checker in Chrome

Sometimes, we may make a mistake in spelling: whether it’s because we don’t know a specific rule or a typo, having a tool that allows us to recognize our mistakes and correct them is a great help. If you use Google Chrome as your browser, we can use a function in its settings to find these errors: belowwe will show you the steps to take to enable spell check in Chrome.

1. We open the Chrome drop-down menu, and choose Setting.

two. At the bottom of the Settings menu, open the Advanced configuration.

3.In the Languages ​​section, click the arrow to the right of spell check.

Four.Finally, we will click on the button to the right of the desired language.

After this, any text you write that has a misspelling will be marked by the browser, recommending a suitable alternative.

We hope that by enabling this Chrome feature, you can keep your texts free of misspellings. Do you use this tool or any extension to check your spelling? Leave a comment below!

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