Gucci Partners With Roblox To Launch “Gucci Town” Metaverse World

Gucci Town on Roblox

Gucci has officially entered the metaverse with the opening of Gucci Town, a permanent space hosted on Roblox. The luxury house describes the project as a “dynamic destination” where users can explore creative director Alessandro Michele’s vision, express their individuality through virtual clothing, and connect with like-minded people.

The virtual experience follows last year’s Gucci Garden, a two-week event hosted by the brand on Roblox. In it, users were invited to enjoy greenery through virtual Gucci gardens and digital products comparable to avatar accessories, which turned out to be more lucrative than real-world products. During the event, a bee-embroidered Gucci Dionysus bag – available exclusively for use on Roblox – sold for 350,000 Robux, or about $4,115. Physical versions of the bag, which can be worn anywhere, typically cost $3,400.

Only time will tell if the same demand (and perceived value) will accompany the Gucci Town deals, which can be worn for more than a fortnight.

Inside Gucci City, visitors can walk from the central plaza to the heights of the minigames, which are home to a Gucci-inspired competition arena, or the Creative Corner, where they can create pieces of art by experimenting with patterns, colors and shapes. Users can also visit the Power-up Place, a coffee shop where members of the community can meet and interact with their peers.

Vault Plaza in Gucci Town

Vault Plaza in Gucci Town

A virtual Vault Plaza houses an exhibition space inspired by Vault, Gucci’s experimental concept store. Acting as the store’s virtual counterpart, the Plaza Vault will showcase some of Gucci’s latest products and collaborations, which have grown exponentially. To enjoy these styles, users can visit the Gucci Store, where Gucci digital items can be purchased.

Limited-edition collectibles will be offered alongside styles like archive-inspired Gucci Blondie bags to kit out Roblox avatars. Thanks to the gaming platform’s recently launched “Layered Clothing” technology, Gucci’s digital fashion items look hyper-realistic and fit any avatar body type, encouraging wearers to further express themselves.

Become a model citizen – Above all, Gucci Town aims to “build and create a community in which [los usuarios] can participate throughout the year,” Christina Wootton, Roblox’s vice president of global partnerships, said in a press release. This idea is reinforced by the fact that, unlike Gucci’s tangible offerings, Gucci Town and its virtual products are accessible to the majority, regardless of socioeconomic status. Sure, it’s easier to indulge in an online-only style when money and time aren’t a concern, but by becoming an avid citizen of Gucci Town, wearers can access Gucci’s digital styles as well.

The more visitors engage with Gucci Town activities, the more they will be rewarded with GG Gems, an experience currency that can be used to purchase power-ups and virtual Gucci products. As Gucci City expands, it will host a wide range of activities and visiting artists. Each space in the Gucci City will be “regularly updated with new content in line with the House’s trajectory into the future.” Starting today, players can launch the Gucci Town experience from the Roblox website.