Fashion and its new technological twist in the metaverse

The fashion revolution in the metaverse

Technology continues to advance and destroy all areas of human life in its wake. Of course, the fashion industry is no exception and more and more companies are developing technology implemented in the fashion world. Today we will talk about fashion and its new technological twist, fashtech.

The metaverses are revolutionizing the fashion sector

the fashion industry

Perhaps if there is a sector accustomed to change, it is the fashion industry, however, its innovations have focused on the development of aesthetically novel garments, and from a technological point of view on the design of materials and implementation of improvements in the fabrication process. There is an area of ​​pending innovation for the development of technology in the world of fashion, which is to focus on the user’s technological experience.

Fashion and its technological twist, fashtech.

The so-called Fashtech, or in Spanish techno fashion, refers to the implementation of technology in the fashion industry. Hand in hand with startups that seek to accelerate digital innovation in the sector, looking for practical but above all disruptive innovations that turn the traditional model upside down.

The union between fashion and technological innovation is on the rise, always seeking to satisfy the changing demands of people, implementing the constant innovations of technology.

Fashion companies seek to bring these innovations to the personalization of the shopping experience, the digitalization of business processes and the commercialization of products in multi-platform media, all through fashtech.

Fasttech Implementations

More and more brands are incorporating technologies into their physical stores, such as virtual fitting rooms that incorporate screens and tablets, so that the customer can request a garment or a change of size to try it on. However, there is a pending issue, to turn this technology into a direct application to the user experience, and not as a mere decoration object.

Technology and the digitization of business are also impacting the fashion industry behind the scenes. Artificial intelligence applications are beginning to be used to create new clothing collections, with visual innovation being a very important aspect in the industry, since the big brands incorporate new collections every 6 months.

Other areas of the industry that have been impacted by fashtech are: garment manufacturing, transportation and storage; and above all the way in which garments communicate commercially speaking. There is no doubt that technology is coming to become a spearhead in the field of making the fashion business profitable and efficient.

The most important challenge for companies and the fashion industry is to bring Fashtech to people, since the digitization processes will end up distancing relationships between humans. Technological developments must focus on the customer, but also on facilitating the work of employees, somehow reducing mechanical work.

Without a doubt, the technological application to the fashion industry is in its infancy and there is a world to see.