Cisco Webex Meetings Incorporates Metaverse Tools

Cisco Unveils Integrated Virtual Reality Collaboration Tools from Vection Technologies

Last week, Vection Technologies debuted a Metaverse-embedded app in the Webex suite of apps for enterprise-grade collaboration. Vection introduces “3D Frame” to the Cisco Webex app, a service for conducting business meetings in an immersive virtual reality (VR) environment.

In the growing wake of hybrid and remote work models, companies must bet on modern and immersive technologies to ensure “inclusion, flexibility and collaboration,” he said. Gianmarco Biagi, CEO of Vection Technologieswhich added,

“3DFrame offers Webex Meeting participants the ability to join a shared 3D virtual environment, where they can naturally introduce themselves and interact with objects and people, regardless of their physical location.”

3D Frame is also compatible with the 75+ built-in Webex collaboration apps. In addition, the service supports the use of third-party applications during an online meeting.

The apps also enable live meeting features such as polling, and 3D Frame tracks key user metrics for review to improve peer-to-peer collaboration.

Vection provides companies with a rich software development kit (SDK) to develop custom embedded applications tailored to each company’s use cases. Cisco also provides a rich set of resources for its SDK to support application development at all levels.

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In June, Cisco officially announced the technology partnership ahead of its Cisco LIVE 2022 conference.

3D Frame by Vection supplies immersive technologies for various use cases such as industrial design, engineering, and virtual spaces. According to Jason Copeland, Vice President of Product for the Webex Platformthe service provides a VR space for companies to operate “in an integrated and secure way”.

And he added,

“Vection’s 3DFrame technology enables use cases for industrial design, engineering, and virtual spaces in an integrated and secure way.”

Vection’s software portfolio includes a variety of cross-platform and integrated collaboration solutions to support workplace operations, live events, and more.

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The Australian company also adds tools for internal developers, cloud infrastructures and real-time 3D rendering tools to its product line that help the company’s digital transformation efforts.