Best Metaverse Games

Fornite has crossed the border of the video game, becoming a metaverse where you can enjoy events.

When we talk about the Metaverse, perhaps the sector that has gained the most space is video games, not only because of its progress in terms of creating digital worlds, but also because of its incorporation of transactions with cryptocurrencies and operations using blockchain. Today we will tell you which are the best games in the Metaverse.

The Sandbox

This game brings the virtual world ever closer to an interaction that we could have in the real world, not because its graphics are extremely powerful to allow us to live a virtual reality that simulates the real one, but because we can make economic transactions within this game .

In The Sandbox you can buy land, modify it as if you were building on it, and then sell it as NFT. As if it were a job, you can also create units for others to play, or play within the creations of others.

Axie Infinity

This is the best game in the Metaverse when it comes to playing to win. In this Pokémon-like game, breeders capture and raise creatures called Axies to compete in battles against other players.


Axie Infinity has become famous not only for the game, but also for the income that is generated by playing under the play-to-earn strategy.

As you accumulate victories you will increase in level, and you will also be able to sell the creatures you raise for tokens within Axie Infinity, to later exchange them for real profits.

Yield Guild Games

With this game you can play via blockchain remotely. If you’re looking for more than just fun, you can compete for tokens, in-game assets, and even cash.

Yield guild games is a kind of Metaverse game stream, where you can play The sandbox, Ax infinity, etc.


Yield Guild Games

This game is intended to bring players together remotely, as decisions must be made as a team, such as choosing NFTs, investing money, and choosing games where they can earn rewards.


This is a full-fledged virtual universe as far as Metaverse games are concerned, a game where it is also owned by the users. In this world you can buy and sell real estate, build it, rent it and even rent it as advertising, as if it were the real world.



You can participate in events like the ones you would attend in the real world like: parties, places with djs playing music and art galleries.

If you are curious you can access this Metaverse game as a guest or use your crypto wallet to log in.

Mines of Dalarnia

This is an action adventure game that takes place inside mines. In this game you will have to fight for the resources, items you find in the mines or tools you need to work them, while improving your tactics when facing other players.


Mines of Dalarnia

If you see this game from the Metaverse, comparing it with the graphics offered by other traditional games, it may not have much to say, but its system of confrontations inside the mines to acquire rewards is surely not like anything you have played before.

As you can see, the games in the Metaverse go beyond having a second life hosted in a virtual environment, since this life can be perfectly connected to your person.