Arvizio Updates AR Instructor 2.0 Hardware Tool

Arvizio plans Magic Leap 2 compatibility and a host of other features for release

Arvizio, a provider of augmented and mixed reality (AR/MR) solutions for Industry 4.0, announced on Tuesday version 2.0 of its AR Instructor remote guidance tool.

AR Instructor 2.0 includes a selection of new features to enhance the no-code platform for AR-enhanced hybrid workflows.

The software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution can stream video and digital twins to a worker’s screen to assist in remote guidance procedures. Version 2.0 includes new features such as animated digital twins, content caching, and improved workflow management tools.

Arvizio’s enhanced workflow mechanisms give dispersed employees control of documentation from draft to publication, including management tools. Version 2.0 also contains technical considerations for third-party documentation, allowing workers to copy, share, and use additional resources.

Arvizio also offers Immerse 3D under its Extended Reality (XR) technology umbrella, which leverages 3D models and content for design reviews. Workers using Immerse 3D can stream and edit complex computer-aided design (CAD), including Revit or Navisworks file types.

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Additionally, as part of AR Instructor 2.0, the company has announced that the SaaS platform is debuting in the upcoming Magic Leap 2 headset, set for general device availability in September this year.

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AR Instructor is available on other headsets, including Microsoft HoloLens 2 and the original Magic Leap device. Additionally, Arivizio debuted device support for Apple iPads, iPhones and Android smartphones in June.

Jonathan Reeves, Founder and President of Arvizioadded:

“Organizations adopting AR to quickly train, empower and maximize their workforce demand a solution that is easy to use and device agnostic. With the addition of Magic Leap 2, and robust feature enhancements, Arvizio’s AR Trainer 2.0 expands the flexibility of cross-platform devices and provides tools for effortless user management and workflow creation.”

Magic Leap has been announcing its second device for a year. Earlier this month, MR technology vendors confirmed the device’s launch date of September 30.

The news comes as Magic Leap debuts three editions of the device for consumers, businesses, and developers. In July, the company partnered with NavVis for AR-powered digital twins and 3D mapping tools.