Accenture Introduces Metaverse Continuum Group

New platform will provide “future-proof” access to Metaverse worlds and business strategies

Accenture has reportedly developed a “Continuous Metaverse” that hosts numerous virtual worlds and experiences to reshape the way people work and interact, the company announced this week.

Paul Daughtery, CEO of the Technology Group and CTO of Accenture, and David Droga, CEO and Creative Chairman of Accenture Interactive
will lead the firm’s Metaverse Continuum business group.

The announcement comes as part of a new report, according to which several emerging technologies, such as extended reality (XR), edge computing, digital twins, blockchain and others, are moving into newer and unknown territories. .

The report also surveyed more than 4,600 “business and technology leaders from 23 industries in 35 countries,” finding that 71% said the Metaverse would have a positive impact on their organizations, and 42% said it would be “breakthrough” or “transformer”.

Companies like Mars had successful business experiences with this type of technology after working with Microsoft and Accenture. These last two allowed Mars to use digital twins to reduce waste, drive efficiency and facilitate real-time decisions in supply chains, among other things.

4 trends of the business metaverse

The report points to four growing trends along with the percentage of respondents who support them:

WebMe: “Put me in the metaverse”or build a unified and persistent 3D environment that allows users to travel between spaces and synchronize customer data between platforms (95%)

Programmable world: “Our planet, personalized”where emerging technologies such as virtual, augmented and mixed reality (VR/AR/MR), 5G, smart materials and others are redefining the way people engage with the virtual and physical world (92 percent)

Technology Vision 2022: Meet Me In the Metaverse

Technology Vision 2022: Meet Me In the Metaverse

The unreal: «Making the synthetic, authentic»where AI leads to authentic experiences for brands and businesses preparing to adopt such technologies (96%)

Computing the impossible: «New machines, new possibilities»tools like quantum and biology-inspired computing will provide businesses with unprecedented computing capabilities, leading to long-term success and the tools to meet the challenges of the future (94 percent)

Statements about the metaverse

According to Daughtery, the next generation of the internet was “unfolding” and would drive a “far greater new wave of digital transformation” than previously seen to transform the way people live and work.

daughtery added:

“Our vision of the metaverse as a continuum challenges prevailing and narrower views and highlights why organizations must act today, or find themselves operating in worlds designed by, and for, someone else”

Speaking of the findings, Daugherty stated that the “line between people’s physical and digital lines” will further blur, prompting organizations to develop a “responsible” Metaverse to facilitate “trust, sustainability, security privacy, responsible access and use, diversity, and much more.”

He concluded: “The actions and choices you make today will lay the groundwork for the future.”

Adding to Daugherty’s comments, Droga explained that his company had become one of the early leaders in Metaverse technologies, filing 600 patents and having more than 10 years of experience.


“Our new business group combines these capabilities with the creative strengths of Accenture Interactive, with teams of innovators and creators bringing new applications to the decentralized environment of the metaverse”

The news comes after Accenture became the first consulting firm to adopt a record 60,000 Meta Quest 2 headsets in October to onboard new employees and provide them with ongoing training while on the job.

Accenture’s Metaverse, the Nth Floor, allows new hires to onboard, offers social team gatherings and provides immersive learning opportunities. The company also estimates that more than 150,000 new hires work in the Metaverse on their first day of work.

The company’s pivot to the Metaverse led it to join the Washington DC-based XR Association in February, which includes some of the world’s top tech companies, including Google, Microsoft, Qualcomm, Unity and many others, to guide the sector towards greater interoperability, innovation and cooperation.

Accenture has also recently invested crucial funding for startups, specifically the Talespin immersive learning platform, to expand the global ecosystem of XR solutions, and has launched an initiative in India to promote the growth and diversification of startups. women-led businesses in the subcontinent.