65 best phrases from mothers to sons: phrases from mom


Phrases from mothers to children. The mothers: Those incombustible beings who do everything for us without asking much in return. They who can do everything, know everything and who, to a better or worse extent, have educated us throughout our lives. They, who were girls, mothers and grandmothers. They whom it is impossible not to take into account when a problem comes upon us.

For all of them, that today they celebrate their big daywe collect these phrases with which every son or daughter has been educated and listened to at some point in their life. #Happy Mother’s Day.

– The best mothers phrases to congratulate on Mother’s Day 2016

1. – Mom, what’s for dinner?
– Food.
(Thanks mom, luckily there are no stones).

two. – Mamaaaaaa, where are the red shoes?
– On your site
– But, I can’t find them. They are not here.
– As I go and find them, you find out.
(There is no known formula or theory as to why mothers always end up finding lost objects, but they do.)

3. – When you have your house you will do what you want. As long as you live in this house, what I say will be done.
(The I as an all-powerful being, who knows everything and can do everything).

Four. – But if they let Fulanita go.
– I don’t care Fulanita, my daughter is you.
(It is silly to spend saliva comparing your life with that of your friends, the answer is always and will be the same).

5. – What’s happening? That your friends are homeless, or what?
(Meaning: let them go now, right?)

6. – All my friends do
– And if all your friends jump off a bridge, do you jump behind?
(Man mom depends on the bridge, if it is the Ronda bridge then no. That answer can only be given by the daring who were not afraid of a shoe in retaliation).

7. – If it hurts, it’s healing.
(Perfect mastery of nursing knowledge for mothers).

8. – Mom give me money to go to the movies.
What do you think I am, the Bank of Spain?
(Who has not been told this phrase at some time in their life in any of its variants).

9.If you are sick to go to class, you are also sick to go out with friends.
(Of overwhelming logic).

10. – Why a fail in math?
– Mom, we’ve all failed.
– I don’t care about everyone. I care about you.
(It didn’t matter if the teacher was good or bad, or if 100% of the class had failed. You were the only important thing for her and there was no room for comparisons).

eleven. – You should learn from Fulanito.
(Of course, if a friend of yours was better than you at something, then the comparisons were allowed).

12. – This is not a hotel where you come, eat and leave.
(Wow, I hadn’t noticed mom, thanks for the clarification).

13. – I haven’t spent 2 hours cooking so you don’t eat the food. you eat it
(Even if it had taken 15 minutes to do it, that possibility would not fit).

14. – Don’t be late, and bring me the laps.
(Owners of the family economy, you always had to go for the bread with the money counting and bring the ticket back. The good thing is that you almost always kept the tip).

15. – Do you finish it? Or do I funnel it to you?
(At that phrase, one always preferred to chew to contemplate the possibility that your mother followed through on her threat.)

16. – As you continue, I’ll give you free orthodontics.
(Another of their hidden skills: dentist-orthodontist. When they went so far as to say this phrase, it means that you knew you were doing something very wrong).

17. – Wrap up, it’s cold.
(Again, using his logic to advise you.)

18. – Let’s see if you cut your hair, son, that soon you won’t see a cake.
(It is the most common way for mothers to tell their sons that they greatly dislike the length of their hair and to do something about it as soon as possible).

19. – What you are wearing, is it a dress or a t-shirt?
(Very direct hint that suggests his absolute disapproval with respect to the chosen wardrobe).

20. – Drink the juice before the vitamins are gone.
(Mothers always worrying about the nutrition of their children).

21. – Don’t swallow the gum, your stomach is going to stick.
(The biggest lie ever told but that you believed at face value if your mother said it).

22. – Before leaving, close the door and check that all the fires are off.
(It does not matter if as a son you did not have a record for arson, the advice was never too much).

23. – The black of the banana is eaten and it’s great.
(If you say so mom…).

24. – This is past dark brown.
(Phrases made by mom. At your leisure).

25. – Until you break it you won’t stay calm.
(Always with the gift of prediction incorporated).

26. – Just in case, son, just in case.
(Your life always depended on “just in case” this or “just in case” that.)

27. – I’m not going to throw away food, do you know how many children are starving in Africa?
(Since time immemorial, it is common maternal knowledge that, in Africa, children go hungry. It seems that nowhere else).

28. – It is well-born to be grateful.
(Mother phrase teaching one of her first lessons).

29. – Mom, I have been punished for no reason at school.
– You must have done something.
(Your mother knows you better than anyone and loves you just the same because she knows you).

30. – May it be the last time that… (anything bad).
(Mother’s Ultimatum).

31. – I told you!
(The phrase you always hated to hear).

32. – You’re just like your father.
(Man, who is your son going to look like, Mom!).

33. – Give me a missed call when you arrive.
(When mobiles arrived, this phrase arrived and they have not evolved with technology. Missed calls are the best).

34. – One day you are going to kill me with disgust.
(Mother’s exaggeration).

35. – You will come to me when you need something.
(Kids who are parents now know this.)

36. – This is going to hurt me more than you.
(Do you think, mom?)

37. – If you don’t eat them, you have them for dinner and if not, you have them for breakfast.
(Breakfast lentils. Yummy!)

38. – As long as you don’t stop crying I’ll give you reasons to really do it.
(Once again the almighty self. And that famous phrase to show that your cries are actually crocodile tears).

39. – Do not accept candy from a stranger.
(First tip incorporated in the mother kit).

40 – Stand up straight, you’re going to get a kick out of it at your age.
(Daughters all over the world have heard this once in their lives. That, and “sit cross-legged”, “act like a lady”, etc.).

41. – If you’re old enough to stay up late, you’re old enough to get up early.
(They know that it is not the same but the forcefulness of the logic is overwhelming).

42. – As you fall, you will charge.
(On top! It turns out that if I fall I get the prize and the jackpot).

43. – But, what have I done to deserve this?
(Phrase of a desperate mother who throws herself into victimhood to see if she gets results that way).

44. – Are you going to go dressed like this?
(I think your mother doesn’t like the way you’re dressed).

45. – Mom, can you buy me a motorcycle?
– Two, I’ll buy you.
(Knowledge of multiplication applied to irony).

46. ​​- Don’t do that, that you, that you, that you, that you…
(It’s not a helicopter flying overhead, it’s your mother who has gotten stuck so as not to mess it up anymore).

47 – I count you up to three: 1, 2, and 3.
(There were no half measures. There was no two and a half with your mother).

48. – “Because yes” and “why not”.
(There were only those two answers reasoned and justified by the power of mother).

49. – All that I have sacrificed for you and is this how you pay me?
(Again, with its manipulation arts that made you think for once in your life).

50. – Why?
– Please, mom.
(In front of your friends, your grandmother, your aunt, your older cousin, the neighbor or the baker, she always managed to make you blush with this phrase).

51. – Is it that I have to go after you so that you do things well?
(Well yes mom, why fool ourselves).

52. – I don’t like that girl for you.
(When a mother sees one of her sheep go off the rails, she lets him know without anesthesia.)

53. – I’ve been telling you for years, now Menganito comes, tells you, and you pay attention to him.
(It’s true, but it happens).

54. – Why do you ask me if you are going to do the opposite?
(Moms know the answer is because they want to make mistakes and learn.)

55. – From the outside, everything is a party and from the inside, everything is annoying.
(It is that behind closed doors we do not have to pretend).

56. – These are not the hours to call a decent house.
(In adolescent times, this phrase makes a lot of sense).

  • 61. – Juan!, Juaaaaaan!, JUAN!
    – WHAT?
    – Do not raise your voice to your mother, eh!
    – But yes….
    (another phrase from mother).

  • 62. – Who do you think I am? The maid?
    (Many children believe that beds and food make themselves).

  • 63. – Boy, come here, here!
    (mother language version 2.0)

I hope you liked these mother phrases.