3 technologies that will change the world

In the following article we are going to talk about 3 types of technology that are going to change the world as we know it. These technologies are relatively new and only a few years old, so the applicability of some of them is still being explored. However, all experts, such as Forrester and Gardner, agree that many currently established paradigms will change. This article will be divided into 3 parts because each of these topics has a lot of information to talk about.

1. Artificial Intelligence and cognitive technologies

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Click here to see the first part of the article.

3. Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality

Today’s article is extremely interesting because we are going to understand how to differentiate these two types of technology and understand its importance.

So let’s start by understanding what the definition of each of these is.

Virtual reality refers to recreating a real environment through the use of technology, in such a way that the user experiences a simulated reality and becomes immersed in it. To do this, virtual reality stimulates your visual and auditory senses. In order to enter virtual reality we need a gadget or accessory (wearable) that allows us to enter this world. A clear example is Facebook’s Oculus.

On the other hand, we have augmented reality. This type of technology allows a virtually generated surface to be displayed on top of a real surface, in such a way that a value is generated when interacting with it. Augmented reality is usually developed in applications or mobile devices which take advantage of the use of the camera to capture a real surface and mount it on virtually generated surfaces. For example; Pokemon GO needs exactly this.

If we realize, then we are dealing with two types of technology that are very similar (and therefore many people confuse them or use the terms interchangeably) but at the same time they differ enormously. The first thing we can notice is that the technologies are inverse to each other. We affirm this since what virtual reality seeks is to recreate a real environment in a virtual way, while augmented reality seeks to take advantage of real environments to superimpose a virtual environment.

Finally, the importance of this technology lies in the implementation that can be given in the future. Experts say that in the future, mobile devices such as smartphones will be replaced by devices that involve AR and VR, which is why large technology companies are investing large sums of money to carry out these projects.

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