10 gifs, videos and images of laughter to send by WhatsApp (Humour)


Anyone who has the instant messaging application of WhatsApp installed in their mobile phones knows that sooner or later the time comes when a contact or a group of them start the conversation. funny message war, jokes, videos, gifs and everything that comes to mind.

A fashion that, although somewhat tiresome, we all end up falling for different reasons. Something that you don’t know why you do but that you do, inevitably, causing a chain of funny ‘bullshit’ taking up memory on your mobile phone.

However, it can also happen that one day you start to get the hang of setting the trend in the group and you want to be the first to put the funny image on duty, the parody of that funny ad that has just been uploaded to YouTube or recall that classic ‘chistaco’ that is funny again.

To contribute some ideas and have something to respond with, we have prepared a compilation, a mixture of classics from yesterday and today, which are already circulating in WhatsApp groups:

With this about the days of snow that are coming, it will be said: “It’s cold, Panchito level”

Or “it’s cold meter level in Canada”:

For the group of dogs it will be cold style: “This was me this morning”

YouTube PreviewLoading the video… Unpublished images of those affected by the #Facebookdown

Curiosities of Game of Thrones to reflect:

The brother-in-law’s ‘chistaco’: A classic

The essential of Canal Sur:

YouTube PreviewLoading the video… A stick for selfies you said? Take two

The classic video that seems scary but not scary

YouTube PreviewLoading the video… We couldn’t forget the “guess the song”